Creative tandem: painting for loving couples

In modern megacities there are countless options for pairs of sweethearts to spend their time in an interesting and exciting way. Sport, dancing, concerts, food-tasting events, yoga workshops, relax-tours, intellectual games – a range of leisure activities is as rich as ever. So what to choose from this variety of options? Would you like to experience the delicate balance of new sensations together with your beloved, to drift away far from mundane quarrels and everyday routine following your inspiration? Creative master-classes for loving couples are a choice that will give your love a new flight.

Why it is interesting

In olden days a source of bliss for sweethearts who were at the inception stage of their relationship was playing piano duets. In this way not only wonderful melodies but close-knit marriages were created both in fashionable high-society salons and in humble households. Today you have a chance to revive that old-school awe and that sense of belonging to high art not only while playing the piano but also while creating works of art at a pottery wheel or at an easel. After all, it is so romantic to draw a vase together or to throw one cup for two on a pottery wheel. Another great option is to learn the art of sand animation. A process of laying out miraculous patterns from sand together not only nurtures peace and gentleness in the master-class participants but also demonstrates to the couple how a miraculous work of art can be created from an abyss of delicate grains of sand.

Advantages of master-classes for loving couples:

  • A master-class in creating mosaics will become a peculiar eloquent presentation of life together for sweethearts who are only learning to live together. After all both coexistence and cooperation are the two processes requiring patience and thoughtful search of best solutions, so the participants have a chance to feel these moments in creative conditions.
  • The loving couples who have been together for quite a while will be surprised to discover creative master-classes in oil, watercolour, pastel and coffee painting. Even knowing each other for many years, people do not always fathom out the hidden talents of their own and their partners’.  Painting gives joy, replenishes and promotes unlocking the talents. For instance, someone is especially good at sketching, another person is a keen colourist, while someone else is a brilliant master of composition. So taking part in such a master-class will certainly bring a fresh note into your relationship, even if you seem to know all about each other.
  • Couples who love jokes are bound to like master-classes in T-shirt and bag painting as there is a chance to depict friendly caricatures, a pet cat or to write homely endearing nicknames – whatever their fantasy will allow. Another perfect choice for them may be master-classes in making Motanka dolls or sketching as the avalanche of positive emotions, fun and frolic is guaranteed.


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