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We are inviting you to discover the age-old Ukrainian traditions and make a motanka-doll souvenir for yourself. The motanka-doll is an ancient protection charm that embodies kindness and gentleness. They were produced by mothers for children or presented as a gift for special occasions.

During a masterclass in creating motanka-dolls you will find out more about Ukrainian customs and traditions. Our experts will tell you what meaning and sense the female masters of the past centuries embedded into such dolls, why a motanka-doll had to be faceless, why such dolls were dug into the ground in summer and burned in winter plus a lot more interesting stories.

During captivating and educational conversations you will single-handedly create your own motanka-doll exclusively from natural materials.


lesson`s duration - 1,5 hours


Age of participants - children 6 years old and adults


Numbers of participants - up to 10 people

Important information

The master class program comprises creation of a motanka-doll.

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