Company party

Corporate master classes in Kyiv

Corporate master classes in Kyiv

A corporate party is always an important event for every company, so its atmosphere has to be cheerful and creative, free and easy, pleasant and friendly. Also it is worth mentioning that every team-retreat that follows is harder to plan than the previous one as a lot of activities have already been tried. The Lantern Art Studio offers to make your event not only cheerful and joyful but also creative.

With great pleasure we will help you to choose the best options for creative master-classes ranging from drawing a puzzle picture depicting your key products and decorating T-shirts in a corporate style to making pots on a pottery wheel or ‘Ebru’ painting on water.

Our main goal is to make your creative corporate master-class pleasant, unique and ingenious. We can organize a chamber master-class for a small company with staff of under 10 people as well as for a big firm with workforce of over 100 employees.

Corporate master-classes for small companies may be conducted both in our studio and in your location (in the office, restaurant or al fresco).

The cost of corporate classes is calculated individually taking into account all your wishes. The minimal price of our off-premise master-class is 3,000 UAH.

Corporate master-class is an inspirational and motivating event

A corporate master-class is not only interesting and exciting kind of leisure but also an opportunity for every participant of the event to manifest their artistic skills. A cooperative creative activity helps the participants to see each other at their best, to reveal new facets of talents of the people with whom you work every day side by side.

 Advantages of corporate master-classes in Kyiv:

  • Building up an efficient team via creative projects;
  • Colleagues learn to interpret the company’s key products in a creative way;
  • A new kind of leisure and personal development of employees by giving them an opportunity to reveal their talents and skills.
  • Participation in corporate master-classes can be taken with an entire family on a Family Day which helps to unite not only the team but also to engage their nearest and dearest into creative performance.
  • Collaborative creation of pictures, ceramics and other items for one’s workplace or office.

Master-classes may be conducted as cooperative leisure activities in terms of conferences, trade fairs, gala events for the employees, clients and partners of the company.

 Diversity of creative master-classes by the Lihtaryk Art Studio

Our studio has a scope of ready solutions for corporate master-classes varying in topics and value. It is easy to find creative options that fit into a budget and adapt them to the needs of your company. Having entrusted us with conducting a master-class for your company, you will get rid of unnecessary cares and troubles. Our corporate master-classes may be conducted either in your office or in our studio based on your wishes and the traditions of your company.

Are you planning a company party, a wedding, a birthday or another special occasion? The Lantern Art Studio offers to make your event not only cheerful and joyful but also creative.

We will be glad to help you choose the best option of artistic master classes ranging from painting a puzzle depicting your company’s key products and decorating T-shirts in corporate style to throwing pots on a pottery wheel and creating a book of illustrations to your wishes for a birthday person or newlyweds.

Company parties and birthdays may be conducted both in our studio and in your own territory. The cost of company parties is calculated individually taking into account all of your wishes.

Examples of our most interesting projects:

  1. Lego.Painting a puzzle picture. The company’s employees wanted to paint cartoon characters on several canvases, then to combine these canvases to look like a construction set and eventually to hang the composition in the office.  We were pleased to help them implement this idea.
  2. Uniqua.Painting a map of the insurance company’s representative offices on chairs for children. The company’s personnel decided that it was not enough to merely paint together. What they were doing had to be useful. So they decided to paint on chairs for children in order to donate their art later to an orphanage. It was a real treat to work for the sake of such a brilliant idea.
  3. Sandoz.Creating large abstract paintings that would symbolize the company’s basic products. In the process of painting, the company’s employees from different regions were learning to cooperate for the common cause. They had to work against the clock as the team who finished their painting first would win the prize.Team-building turned out to be creative and productive.
  4. Bayadera.The company specializing in wine production decided not to veer away from the subject of their work and to throw gobletson a pottery wheel. For the whole day the company employees were making their goblets and wine-cupsin order to taste their own product from their creations afterwards. So this way they combined business and pleasure.
  5. Mielle. A family Halloween holiday for the company’s clients. The guests came with their entire families and each family was painting a picture related to Halloween with acrylic paints. There was another creative location with motanka-dolls during which each volunteer could make a protective charm with his/her own hands. The atmosphere was festive and cheerful. Such events always bond families together.
  6. Abbot.A coffee-painting workshop for the company’s management during the team retreat at the AdmiralClub.We are delighted that this heart-warming master class with pleasant people took place.
  7. Keynas Legal Company.Oilpainting workshop for lawyers was unusual in its concept that was offered by the participants. A large mosaic sheet comprised 25 fragments and had to be equally integral compositionally in both assembled and disassembled condition, which means that each fragment was a complete self-contained picture. We were glad to bring this idea to life.
  8. TEDx.During the intervals between the most interesting talks we were helping the audience to paint the cups that would bring to mind visiting this conference. For us working at TEDx is a special honour.
  9. МІМ-Кyiv.Annually businesss chool conducts an alumni reunion. Experts in different fields get together and need inspiration for fruitful work. So it was sheer inspiration we worked with.The morning of the second day of the alumni reunion started with a plein-air painting session, during which the participants were drawing the nature around from life with pastel chalks. Later everyone continued their creative work with making protective charms in the form of motanka-dolls. For us it was a real surprise that men were reeling the dolls faster than women.
  10. The International Union.Incredible experience of workwith wonderful ladies from various countries and cultures.Our master class introduced the participants to Ukrainian ornamental tradition. We are always happy to reveal our culture to the world as well as to learn something new.
  11. The Schastie(“Happiness”)Hub.TheHub`s inauguration at Margarita Sichkar’s venue was full of fascinating activities. Our studio was in charge of conducting a pastel painting master class for all the invited guests. It was joyful, nonchalant and creative. So pleasant it was to be a part of a new venue inauguration.
  12. The Ukrainian Philanthropic marketplace.Extremely inspiring female employees of the philanthropic marketplace made themselves a present for the 8thof March, the International Women’s Day, and invited us to conduct a Petrykivka painting masterclass. Now the painted ornamental wooden plaques decorate their office.
  13. Dreamtown. At the birthday party of one of Kyiv’s largest malls our studio was conducting masterclasses in decoration of school pencil-boxes, creating motanka-dolls and decoupage of wooden caskets. It was incredibly pleasant to see the happy eyes of excited children engrossed in creative activities.
  14. Metrograd.A pottery masterclass dedicated to inauguration of a renovated block of the Metrograd(“The Underground City”) shopping mall. Over 40 guests participated in the workshop and took clay souvenirs with them.
  15. Anna and Boriss wedding.An incredible wedding in the Little Prince style with plenty of guests with children of various age. That’s where our imagination could run riot. We were simultaneously performing several activities. With kids we were painting T-shirts with illustrations to “The Little Prince”, the world-famous fairy-tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. With adults we were drawing illustrations for a wish-book for newlyweds. We wish many happy years to the wonderful family!
  16. Maryna and Oleksandr’s wedding.An amazing couple who filled the most important day in their life with creativity. We helped them design a puzzle picture made up of 6 fragments depicting a heart, which was painted by both newlyweds and all the guests invited to the wedding. It was before the reception that the couple had chosen the place for the picture to hang in their home. Therefore we had a responsible mission and we coped with it. The evidence of this were the newlyweds’ smiles during the presentation of the assembled puzzle picture.
  17. Christmas Arsenal. It is hard to imagine Christmas without a traditional fair in Kyiv Mystetskiy Arsenal. We are always delighted to take part in the celebrations, thus we conduct various masterclasses for children in decoration of Christmas ornaments and book illustration.
  18. KrainaMriy (“The Land of Dreams”). We have worked in the masterclass zone of this extremely popular ethnic festival twice. Petrykivka painting, decorating eco-bags and pottery – here is a short list of our activities at “Kraina Mriy”.
  19. Three Days in the Garden.The highest profile festival, in which we took part. The entire three days of master classes. Over 500 happy owners of original crafts they made with their own hands. Among the activities there were pastel painting, book illustration, pottery and ornamenting eco-bags. It was an unforgettable experience of working with hundreds of creative people a day.
  20. Blagofest.We have arranged masterclasses at Blagofest twice. During two festivals together with the kids we managed to create postcards, to learn book illustration and to make a great number of motanka-dolls.
  21. Slava Frolovas Art Picnic.A funny summer festival has taken place at the Expocenter of Ukraine in Kyiv for several years on end. We were glad to conduct our pastel painting and watercolour master classes in terms of the Art Picnic.
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