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Getting presents is always pleasant. However, giving them is even more exciting. Ideally a surprise should be special. It has to arouse bright emotions and impressions.

For a creative person it is really easy to arrange an interesting and unusual celebration. Let your nearest and dearest discover the infinite world of painting, ornamental arts and the fascinating enigma of pottery. For this to happen it is enough to order a master class certificate instead of a classical gift.

Not only does a master class gift certificate bring positive emotions in the process of being involved in a creative activity but it also becomes a source of pleasant memories embodied in a painted picture, personally made ceramics or a decorated frame.

Nowadays master class gift certificates have gained a special popularity because they are so convenient. The recipients may decide for themselves what specific classes appeal to them and choose the most convenient time as the certificates have a long period of validity.

Due to your generous gift the certificate owner will get:

  • Positive emotions;
  • An opportunity to discover and reveal creative potential, to make their dreams come true;
  • A little masterpiece created with their own hands.

You can make a customized present by choosing a gift certificate for a family or a small company. Such certificate could make a wonderful new year present for your children, a Christmas gift or for instance a pleasant surprise for ladies from their loving colleagues for the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day.

How to choose gift certificates for master classes?

A gift certificate may be either bought in our studio or purchased in its digital version. We offer certificates for any master class with prices starting at just 200 UAH. As you activate the certificate we will show you all the possible options within the range of the certificate value.

In order to get a digital gift certificate please send us either a text or a Facebook message or an e-mail and make sure to indicate:

  • a title of a master class and the amount you are willing to pay for the certificate value
  • the name of a person for whom your present is meant
  • your e-mail address.

In response we will send you the payment details. Upon payment you will receive an email with the certificate and the unique code for its activation.

Don’t waste an opportunity to make a pleasant surprise for a close friend, your relatives or colleagues. Your gift will be hard to forget!

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