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Petrykivka Art is a decorative and ornamental folk painting technique used by rural dwellers to decorate their houses.

Historically, the Petrykivka painting was born on a snow-white wall of a peasant house in a village in Dnipro oblast which gave its name to this art. A lot later the use of these ornaments stretched to adornment of various household items.

So far Petrykivka art is included into the list of non-material UNESCO heritage.

During the master-class not only will you gain deeper knowledge of Ukrainian traditions but also you will learn the basic techniques of this decorative painting and decorate a wooden plank with your own hands, which will later become adornment and talisman of your home.

For Petrykivka Art we use traditional brushes called ‘koshachki’ (special cat hair paintbrushes). They used to be mostly home-made from the pets’ fur. One of traditional elements of Petrykivka technique is ‘kalyna’ or guelder rose (snowball tree) which women used to paint with their fingers, so two different masters would never have the same ‘kalyna’ in their oeuvres.

During the masterclass the artists will teach you to perform the main composition elements of Petrykivka painting. Besides,they will tell about traditional Ukrainian ornament and its meaning.

At the workshop each participant will create an original decoration for his/her home – a painted wooden plaque.


lesson`s duration - 1.5 h


Age of participants - children 6 years old and adults


Numbers of participants - up to 6 people

Important information

The masterclass program presumes decoration of a wooden plaque with acrylic paints.

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