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The Lihtaryk Art Studio is inviting you to a master class in oil painting. Try a new experience, relieve stress, recharge with positive emotions and get inspired – paint pictures for your own pleasure and as a present for your nearest and dearest. Our master classes are conducted in groups of up to 8 people. This gives the artist tutor a chance to allot maximum attention to each participant of the workshop. While taking part in a master class not only do you get the experienced masters’ expert advice in painting but also you have a wonderful opportunity to plunge into the art studio’s delightful and creative atmosphere. Not only are our pictorial art masters able to teach you various painting techniques but they can also find a special approach to each workshop participant.

If you are worried that you haven’t held brushes in your hands for a long time or have never touched these bizarre instruments at all, just come to the Lihtaryk Art Studio and make sure that three hours later you will be able to paint a picture in oil on your own.


lesson`s duration - 3 hours


Age of participants - teenagers and adults


Numbers of participants - up to 9 people


How to get my item?

How to collect the paintings: the pictures may be taken right after the master class or approximately within three weeks to allow them to dry in out studio. Paintings may be kept for 3 months since the master class date

Cost information

The price is 300 UAH with a 20х30 cm canvas format, 400 UAH with a 30х40 cm canvas format, 450 UAH with a 40х50 cm canvas format, 500 UAH with a 50х60 cm canvas format

Important information

The masterclass program presumes painting a 20х30 format picture. If the format you have chosen is bigger, perhaps it may take you a few classes to finish your picture. The price for next class is 300 UAH

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