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Oil painting is an exciting and bright world you are creating on the canvas yourself with the help of oil paints, brushes and palette-knives. Oil painting is exactly what we associate painting in general with. Anyone can try their hand at this kind of art, feel like a true painter and create an unmatched picture! Master-class in oil painting is a great option to have a good time with your nearest and dearest, friends or colleagues.

We invite you to oil painting classes where you will plunge into the world of paints, brushes, palette-knives and compositions. Acquire a new experience, relieve stress, get charged with positive emotions and become inspired, paint pictures for yourselves and as a present for your nearest and dearest. Our oil painting master-classes are conducted in the cosy atmosphere of the art studio in Pechersk.

If you think you cannot paint, just come to us and make sure that in three hours you will be able to paint a picture in oil with your own hands.

Oil painting for beginners is our profile and we will gladly help you to start walking your creative path. Among our visitors there are people of various occupations united by love to beauty and art. We will gladly conduct you and help to steer clear of any underwater stones you may come across in the beginning of your creative way. We will prove that you can paint!

We are always glad to see you attend a master-class of oil painting in order to celebrate your birthday or any other important event. We adore seeing friends meet during our oil painting master-classes. For us it is always interesting to organize your corporate event with creating pictures painted in oil.

Oil painting master-classes in Kyiv

Master-classes in oil painting in Kyiv organized by our art studio will help you to create true beauty to your taste. We do not paint pictures of the same plot for the entire group. We help you breathe life into your own concepts!

Our catalogue of art reproductions is huge! However, we are always glad when you come up with your own ideas. In the beginning of our oil painting master-class our expert artist will help you to make up your mind about the composition and size of canvas for your picture.

Specificities of oil painting

  • Oil paints give artists a chance to easily correct painting on the canvas which lets novices create wonderful pictures.
  • You can paint smoothly or use the pastose technique applying thick layers of pigment to a canvas – it is up to you. Especially beautiful are our visitors’ pictures painted with a palette-knife in the impressionist style.
  • While working with oils not only do you get new creative experience but also you relax and rejuvenate psychologically.

Having visited an oil painting master-class in the Lihtaryk Art Studio you will certainly want to come here again and bring your friends along.

We invite you to have a great time in the amiable and creative atmosphere!


lesson`s duration - 3 h


Age of participants - teenagers and adults


Numbers of participants - up to 8 people


How to get my item?

How to collect the paintings: the pictures may be taken right after the master class or approximately within three weeks to allow them to dry in out studio. Paintings may be kept for 2 weeks

Cost information

The price is 400 UAH with a 20х30 cm canvas format, 550 UAH with a 30х40 cm canvas format, 600 UAH with a 40х50 cm canvas format, 650 UAH with a 50х60 cm canvas format

Important information

The masterclass program presumes painting a 20х30 format picture. If the format you have chosen is bigger, perhaps it may take you a few classes to finish your picture. The price for next class is 400 UAH

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