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The Lihtaryk Art Studio is a creative agency in the very heart of Kyiv. Having settled on the hills of Pechersk our artisans draw inspiration from the beauty of Kyiv antiquity and present it to all the guests of the studio.

We aspire to integrate traditional crafts into the hectic life of a megacity by introducing our guests to pottery, Petrykivka painting and mosaics. During fine arts master classes we introduce our guests to various techniques ranging from traditional oil-painting, watercolours and pastel drawing to contemporary trend of coffee-painting.

We are doing our best to simplify the creative process for you, so all the necessary materials are always provided by the studio. Our qualified masters will be pleased to help you with implementation of your most challenging creative ideas.

Beside practical workshops, on completion of which you will leave for home full of inspiration with your own creations in your hands, our studio offers theoretical courses in history of art. The course in history of European art covers the most important periods of fine arts formation from pre-historic rock paintings and cave art to post-modernism. The basic course in history of the Ukrainian art will introduce the audience to the fundamental milestones of Ukrainian painting and architecture from the most ancient times up to the 20th century.

In our studio we are always happy to see people eager to learn art and crafts. We will be pleased to treat you with a cup of fragrant coffee or a mug of hot tea with homemade cookies.

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