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How may I order a gift certificate?

A gift certificate may be purchased either in our studio or in digital form. To get a digital gift certificate please send us either a text or a Facebook message or an e-mail with indication of your email address. You should indicate a title of a master class for which you require a certificate or the value of the certificate you would like to pay for and the name of a person to whom you present the certificate. In response we will send you the payment details. Upon payment you will receive an email with the certificate and the unique code for its activation.

How long is the gift certificate valid for?

The certificate is valid for 6 months since the date of purchase.

Is it possible to purchase a certificate of a certain value, not for a specific master class?

Yes, of course it is. You may buy a certificate for any master class in price ranging from 250 UAH. During activation we will offer all possible options in terms of the certificate value.

Are masterclasses in painting suitable for novices?

Yes, they are. Master classes are conducted in such a way that every participant will be able to paint a picture. If you have never painted before, an artist tutor will help you choose an unsophisticated composition that is possible for a novice to paint during one class.

What is the size of a painting I am going to create during the oil painting master class?

We provide two formats of canvases at your discretion. If you are going to paint for the first time, the ideal canvas size for you will be 20х30 cm (the cost of master class in this format is UAH 400). However, if you have already tried painting in oil and would like to try your hand in a bigger format, we have prepared larger 30х40 cm canvases (the cost of a master class in this format is UAH 550). If you require a larger canvas, the price will be calculated individually.

What will I paint?

We don’t limit our guests’ fantasy. You may either bring a printed sketch of a picture you would like to paint or choose a painting from our catalogue. This may be a replica of your favourite painting or a photo made while on holiday. If you wish to depict your fantasy, our artists will be glad to help you.

When may I collect my painting after the master class?

Your picture may be collected as soon as the class is over but it should be done very carefully. Otherwise the painting remains in the studio for 2 or 3 weeks in order to dry, after which you may collect it. Paintings may be kept for 2 weeks.

How do I get to know my painting has dried?

Please leave your telephone number and name at the back of the picture and we will send sms you as soon as it has dried.

Do the wares from the group masterclass in pottery undergo firing?

Basically firing is not included into the cost of a group master class. However, you may order firing of the goods created at the pottery wheel at an extra cost of UAH 150.

May moulded figures undergo firing?

Moulded figures are too fragile for firing, so you may collect them three days after the master class when they are dry and suitable for transportation.

How long are pottery wares kept for?

The pottery wares that do not undergo firing are kept in the studio for 2 weeks since the masterclass date. The day when the master class was conducted and the date until which the goods may be kept are indicated in a business card given to you by the administrator before the class starts.

How may I transport pottery wares?

We pack the potter wares into kraft paper bags. However, if you create fragile figures, please bring with you a box for more reliable transportation. It is not recommended to put pottery wares into ladies’ handbags and shopping bags with food.

What happens with the goods that nobody takes?

A month after the masterclass we steep the pottery wares nobody has taken into water to soak and thus again the clay end supin the hands of our guests who mould their creations from it.

What if I don’t succeed to collect the pottery ware on time?

If you want to collect your creations but do not have the time to do so, please send us a Viber message at 0682707086 with a photo of your goods, the master class date and the information about your signature on the goods as well as the date of your coming, so we will keep them for you.

When may I collect the pottery ware after firing?

Firing is a technological process that depends upon a range of factors. Upon firing the goods are normally ready within a month. As soon as they are ready, we will contact you immediately. You may either collect your fired pottery wares in our studio or we will send them to you by Nova Poshta.

How may I order delivery of fired pottery wares by Nova Poshta?

Please write us a text message with the firing lot number indicated in a business card you have been given before the master class, the number of the Nova Poshta branch, your name and surname. In response we will send you the invoice number.

What is the difference between the fired and unfired wares?

The pottery wares that have not undergone the firing stage are merely decorative. You may not pour liquid into them. The fired pottery wares are proper pieces of crockery. After the master class we give you an instruction of soaking pottery in milk due to which you may continue your master class at home and give your crockery the colour you like, ranging from light to dark brown.

Why should pottery wares be soaked in milk?

In the process of thermal treatment milk blocks the pores of pottery ware making it a lot more durable.

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