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The Lihtaryk Art Studio is inviting everyone wishing to attend a unique creative class in Gaudi-style mosaics.

Mosaic art appeared ages ago, it gained special recognition and expansion during the epoch of the Byzantine Empire. Since the dawn of time mosaics is a true art  of making pictures from colourful stones, ceramic tiles or smalt.

Laying mosaic patterns is a painst a king process, which nevertheless is spell binding. Our studio masters will tell you all subtle ties and secrets of creating a beautiful and high-quality product. During a masterclass in mosaics you will be able to create aunique colour design for a coaster, a photo-frame, a piece of crockery or stationery.

Having visited such workshop you will get acquainted with the working technique, you will be able to distinguish material sand instruments use din the process sand ultimately you will easily reproduce at home all the skills you’ve learnt at the studio.


lesson`s duration - 2.5 h


Age of participants - children 6 old and adults


Numbers of participants - up to 6 people

Important information

The masterclass program presumes that each participant decorates a photo-frame

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