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“Pastel painting is happiness…” These words were once written by Jane Christie, a talented American artist.

Pastel is an art material widely used both in graphics and painting. It is diverse and multifarious. While working with pastel chalks an artist may reach the desired chromatic intensity with small strokes of colour. These strokes can be mixed, rubbed with fingertips or brushes. Otherwise you may leave them untouched in their pure form, similar to mosaics.

If you have doubts in your artistic skills but are still eager to paint, the pastel technique will become a wonderful start of your creative path.

On one hand, there is nothing complicated: you draw or paint with a pastel chalk, rubit, emphasize the contour edges, add more hues, while on the other hand with pastels you may create a true painting conveying the entire colour abundance of the world around. That is why experienced artists will also find pastel art interesting.


lesson`s duration - 1.5 h


Age of participants - teenagers and adults


Numbers of participants - up to 6 people

Important information

The masterclass program presumes that each participant paints a 30х40 format picture on coloured pastel paper. The painting subject is free composition.

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