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Sand animation represents a special kind of art. It integrates the play of light and shadow, the sand and your imagination. The Lihtaryk Art Studio invites you into this miraculous and fabulous world of sand animation

This master-class will give you a chance to express your feelings and emotions via sand without a word. Drawing with sand develops fantasy, creative skills, improves the plasticity of motion.

The main feature that distinguishes sand animation and graphics from other art trends is the luminescent surface. Illuminating the image gives the picture necessary contrast, expressiveness and emphasis making it “alive”.

The art of sand animation is also interesting due to an opportunity to reveal our artistic potential. It teaches us to be brave. Various methodologies and techniques will make the process of learning sand animation truly mesmerizing.

A class in sand painting is so excites so much that it will be equally interesting for adults and children.

This miraculous process is a certain art-therapy which lets the children develop manual dexterity, language skills and thinking. Drawing with sand will help the adults tired of mundane routines and concerns to submerge into the light meditative condition, to relax and relieve the accumulated physical and emotional strain.


lesson`s duration - 1 h


Age of participants - from 6 years


Numbers of participants - The group consists of up to 4 people

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