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Masterclass in painting T-shirts ore co-bags is an exciting activity that will leave neither adults nor children indifferent. Our artists will teach you the basic techniques of painting on textile surfaces and will help you create the original design of your favourite thing.

Painting skills are welcome but their absence will not prevent you from creating an unmatched picture. Special paints that are used in decorating T-shirts are viable and durable, so your favourite T-shirt will delight you with vibrant colours for a long time.

Unique and original objects are always valuable and thus attract attention. You are welcome to come to us for a T-shirt decoration master class and create your own design which will excite everyone around.

You may bring your own light T-shirt with you, even the one with a stain.


lesson`s duration - 1.5 h


Age of participants - children 6 years old and adults


Numbers of participants - up to 6 people

Cost information

You can bring your own T-shirt. Price for bag 100 UAH

Important information

The masterclass program presumes that each participant decorates a T-shirt or a bag with special paints. If you are in a company of over 10 people who wish to come to the master class all together, we may order T-shirts for you. You can bring your own T-shirt. The next day after the masterclass theT-shirts and bag should be turned inside out and ironed. After that they may be machine-washed on a delicate cycle.

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