A pottery workshop in Kyiv

Nowadays there are numerous alternatives to ceramics. Yet the ancient art of pottery remains highly popular. Would you like to try your hand at creating goods from clay? A pottery workshop in Kyiv located in the Lantern Art Studio welcomes you to its exciting master-classes!

What are we taught to at a pottery workshop?

Pottery is an activity not as simple as it seems at first sight. Working with clay contains an abyss of concealed nuances, so it comes as no surprise that the mastery of potters sometimes takes years to refine!

Producing ceramic wares you ought to know:

  • How to balance clay correctly. Actually this is one of the most complicated and responsible stages in pottery – some masters keep learning this skill for long months.
  • How to control your own body work at the pottery wheel. Your hands should not be tense. Also they are to be wetted with water all the time, which is just one of many secrets of craftsmanship!
  • How to knead clay so that the ready-made wares are really durable.
  • What engobes are and how they are related with the brightness of the produced ceramics.
  • How the milking process takes place and why it is necessary to douse pottery wares in milk at all and if it is possible to do it domiciliary.

The Lantern pottery workshop in Kyiv will share these and other mysteries without the knowledge of which it is impossible to create any ceramic work. During the individual or group master-classes in pottery not only will you acquire a high-quality theoretical basis and practical experience at the pottery wheel but will also learn how to model objects from clay. On request you may order professional firing of the works you have created, which will give an opportunity to use them in everyday life. Isn’t it amazing to treat your guests with coffee from the cups you have created yourself?

Pottery is not only interesting but also useful. While working with clay you get rid of tension and give your soul a rest! Perhaps, that is why nowadays pottery master-classes gain more and more demand. If you are willing to try your hand at this kind of art, the pottery workshop is waiting for you! Also all those who wish may take a foray into painting.


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