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A master-class in pottery is the best way to take your mind off mundane problems, routines and everyday pursuit for better results. Pottery is not about speed and high performance. This ancient artistry is the repose of your soul via hands! Pottery is a way to get acquainted with a traditional craft of your ancestors, to plunge into a romantic adventure and to create something really precious with your own hands.

People of intellectual professions often face a situation when they do not see the palpable material component of their work, i.e. something that can be felt physically. By using your fantasy and intellectual potential for producing crockery not only will you be able to enjoy the process of creation but also you will recall this wonderful sensation daily while using the things made with your own hands in your household.

Easy-going and creative atmosphere always reigns in our Art Studio. A qualified potter will reveal the master secrets of this craft to you teaching how to use a special instrument – a pottery wheel.  With the expert’s help you will be able to turn an ordinary piece of clay into a unique creation with your own hands, to mold/ sculpt the crockery of incredible beauty decorating it with incising (drawing patterns on raw clay with a stylus) or paint it with special clay-based paints called engobes.

Pottery is one of the most ancient crafts in the world. In the age-old mythology the first beliefs of the mankind about their origin were attributed to clay. Pottery is crafting ceramic plates, mugs, bowls, jugs, dinnerware sets, decorations and toys with the help of a pottery wheel or without it.

The master-class curriculum presumes producing two items of clay, while work during the class is conducted with practical advice and under the watchful eye of our master.

What can be mastered from clay by hand?

  • Flat platters decorated with patterns;
  • Candleholders;
  • Coasters / cups for Easter eggs;
  • Decorative elements;
  • Christmas ornaments.

What can be made on a pottery wheel?

  • Plates and bowls;
  • Cups;
  • Tumblers and goblets;
  • Vases;
  • Candle-holders;

In our master-class you will:

  • Get acquainted with the properties of clay and the basics of pottery and ceramic art;
  • Get to know how to work at a pottery wheel;
  • Master the techniques of painting and decorating ceramic goods.

Who our pottery master-class is meant for?

Creative classes are suitable for people of various age groups, experience and skills. You may come to a pottery master-class in Kyiv together with your friends, family or invite your better half as well.

We advise pottery master-classes as an option for a corporate party or a team-building event. Collaborative art activities help to learn how to cooperate more efficiently and reveal the best features of every participant of the creative process. Besides, working with clay is incredible relaxation.

Also a pottery master-class is a great way to celebrate a birthday! Yet, this is not necessarily a holiday event for children, even though here at our pottery classes kids’ birthdays are celebrated almost every day. Adults willingly work with clay enjoying the process as well. Just imagine what multitude of positive memories you and your guests will have after such a creative celebration.

Is it possible to come to a pottery master-class with children?

Our workshop has all facilities for cooperative creative work of all family members. Adults will have a pleasant time relaxing after a hard day in the company of soulmates and enjoying the opportunity of self-realization. For children modelling from clay is very useful in terms of fine motor skills development. Creative family evenings may grow into traditional ones, while personally produced items may become the first exhibits for a domestic ceramics collection. Such classes will be interesting for everyone as pottery is a creative, meditative and involving activity.

You may keep all the goods produced during the master-class as souvenirs. Still we recommend you to leave them for several days in our studio to let the clay dry properly and keep your goods away from damaging in the process of transportation. Ceramic items can be used in household. To ensure this you will have to order their firing in a special kiln.


lesson`s duration - 1.5 h


Age of participants - children 6 years old and adults


Numbers of participants - up to 6 people


How to get my item?

The items normally dry for three days, so after that you may pick them up it within two weeks since the date of the masterclass.

Cost information

As an option you may order firing of the wares produced on a pottery wheel. Price 150 UAH

Important information

The masterclass program presumes creation of two pottery items – a moulded clay figure and a piece of crockery on a pottery wheel. As an option you may order firing of the wares produced on a pottery wheel.

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