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Where to go for a romantic date? An individual pottery master-class sounds like a good idea!

Is there a venue where it makes sense taking a foreign guest to let them get acquainted with ethnic trends without getting far away from the city centre? Is there an activity simultaneously combining a flamboyant authentic atmosphere with contemporary art techniques? An individual master-class in pottery would be the best option.

How to have a day full of fun with your child? Attend an individual master-class in pottery!

Right you are! Individual pottery master-classes would suit anyone! These activities are creative, atmospheric, traditional, full of fun, spiritual and unusual.

Attending an individual pottery master-class is an opportunity to plunge into the world of one of the most ancient crafts. It is this type of activity that can often be visited either with a close friend or by the entire family. It is frequently presented as a cordial present on holidays. Individual pottery master-classes are conducted in a relaxed welcoming atmosphere giving you and your friends an opportunity to feel the finest moments of working with clay to full extent. In pottery you will be helped by an experienced master who will not only give you individual advice on modelling from clay but will also do his or her best to make your ceramic creation become adornment of your household.

Who an individual master-class in pottery may be suitable for:

  • Adults wishing to breathe life into their ideas with the help of an experienced potter and learn what pottery craftsmanship is;
  • Children for whom individual approach and pleasant atmosphere are important priorities.
  • Companies of friends interested in extraordinary scenarios of leisure.
  • Romantic couples willing to accumulate the background of shared impressions.
  • Colleagues looking for creative inspiration.

Advantages of an individual master-class:   

  • You will get the maximum of the expert’s attention and personal advice regarding your creations;
  • You will be able to ask numerous pottery-related questions you are interested in;
  • You will not be distracted by sidebar conversations or preoccupied with other people’s skill level;
  • You will create goods of really good quality and feel the power of art therapy;

During an individual master-class the visitors get acquainted with the main stages of creating ceramic goods in practice. At first the participants knead clay until necessary condition. The next stage is working on a pottery wheel which will help students to give clay the required form under the master’s guidance.

While working on a pottery wheel you may apply patterns and decorate your creation with engobes, i.e. paints based on liquid clay.

During an individual master-class the students manage to create 2-4 items of their choice: a pot, a vase, a cup, a glass, a plate or a candlestick. All the objects created during the class may be taken home. Moreover, in our art studio there is an opportunity to order firing of your items that will turn merely decorative wares into real ceramic crockery which may later be used to full extent.


lesson`s duration - 1 h


Age of participants - adults and children over 5 years of age


Numbers of participants - up to 1 people


How to get my item?

When the wares are ready: the products that are not left to under go firing may be taken three days after the workshop and within a 2 weeks after the date when the master class was conducted.

Cost information

A price of an individual masterclass perperson (firing is not included)is 300UAH, 600 UAH with firing included. A price of amasterclass for two people(firing is not included) is 500UAH, 800 UAH with firing included. If you come in a company of three or more people and you would like an individual workshop, you are entitled to a price of a group master class, which is 250UAH per person.

Important information

Time table is adapted individually at your convenience. The master class program presumes creation of moulded clay figures and crockery on a pottery wheel. However, everything depends on your wish. You may only mould figures or work exclusively at a pottery wheel. During the master class one person can make up to four pottery wares. In case there are two or more people, each of them has a chance to produce two items each.

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