Painting for beginners

How often do we get excited about artistic creations of famous painters! Precise strokes and confident lines, aptly selected colours and hues, excellent insightful subjects with profound meaning… Creating unrivalled canvases acknowledged all over the world really takes a great talent. However, are you aware that painting a beautiful picture is within the power of practically each of us? If you have doubts, attend a “Painting for beginners” class in Kyiv conducted by the Lantern Art Studio!

Painting for beginners: creative master-classes

So, you have made up your mind to paint a wonderful picture yourself. What to start with if you have never ever held a brush in your hands? Don’t worry – the talented masters with a degree in art studies will help you on every stage of work. The classes are conducted in a light and cosy atmosphere, the number of participants at each master-class is rather small, so each person will get the attention required. The Lantern Art Studio will take responsibility for all the practical arrangements:

  • We provide all necessary materials for creative work. Our guests never worry about which brushes or paints they will need for this or that class – all they do is choose a painting technique which has appealed to them most.
  • Both group and individual master-classes for beginners are organized and conducted in Kyiv.
  • Some people like painting in company, while others strive to completely focus on their creative works without being distracted by small talk. Choose the option that caters to your character the most!
  • At the discretion of the studio’s guests we offer plenty of various painting techniques: oil, coffee, pastel, watercolours and so on. Amidst a multitude of master-classes our budding student artists are bound to discover their favourite technique and successfully learn to paint.

If a person wishes to paint pictures, there is nothing that should stop them in this aspiration, even the fact that they have never done it before. It is never too late to start creating beauty, so just try this and you will certainly make it happen!

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