Ebru art – painting on water

Do you know a lot of classes one cannot get tired of? Sooner or later we are fed up even with the most favourite activities and switch our attention to something else. However, as soon as you are captured by the ebru art, it will be incredibly hard to get tired of it, let alone to pull yourself away from it. This most ancient art of painting on water lures you into its aesthetic whirlpool but definitely you will hardly have any wish to get out of it.

The art of a beautiful way

Ebru is not only a painting technique, a peculiar kind of art therapy but also a certain philosophy. Yet it has not been defined which of ancient civilizations presented the art of ebru to the world. Similar ornaments are being found at archaeological excavation sites of the Ancient Egypt epoch. The impact of ebru art is noticeable in Ancient Indian ornaments and patterns. Even Chinese calligraphists who would rinse their brushes in water after using the drawing ink also turned out worthy to be considered the ebru art masters. Nowadays the ebru art is highly popular in Turkey where a religious component is added to its philosophy: some masters of ebru art reckon that their hand is led by God himself inspiring the creation of unique pictures. The patterns made with the help of the ebru art techniques are truly inimitable – even the masters themselves have no idea what the result will be. So it comes as no surprise that the ebru art is so widespread in the Orient where life is mostly valued for the beauty of its way and not for achievements. Ebru art is exactly the way, the final result of which is unknown to us.

Why it is interesting

Unhurried manner, fluidity, patience, concentration, immersion  in the process, ability to contemplate – all these features either appear in your character or get their development during the ebru art classes. Most often we try to amplify these properties innate to the representatives of Oriental civilizations via spiritual practices and meditations. Ebru art is one more way to reach this goal and this path is incredibly interesting.

Painting on water gives a chance to learn how to master various tools. Knitting and common needles, awls, combs – what wouldn’t the ebru masters use for painting on water into which for viscosity they add special solutions. Today with the help of a usual comb you may depict birds of paradise, tomorrow you may draw flowers with an awl and the day after tomorrow you may paint landscapes with knitting needles. In these conditions creative talents are unlocked even in the people who have never tried painting before.

Would you like to become the owner of a phantasmagorical picture, the only one in the world? What about a vase, a cup, a T-shirt?  It’s as easy as pie. For ebru art we use only natural paints that obey the hand of a master and do not dissolve in water. After painting is complete, you may transfer the pattern to paper, glass, fabric or ceramics. Then you may enjoy contemplating the result and find pleasure in this fascinating process.


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