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An Oriental technique of painting on water also referred to as Turkish marbling, Ebru Art is available to everyone. Not only is it an exquisite painting method but also a certain philosophy. Oriental people are able to value creativity and the life path they are covering here and now. This is what ebru teaches. Meditative process of creating a pattern on water as well as transferring it to paper conveys your every mood and motion. Here you can neither make a slip, nor correct your mistake.

Added to water and mixed with the help of an awl and a comb, special paints create a fabulous abstract world in which everyone will see something for themselves.

We invite you to plunge into the world of Oriental beauty together with expert artists who will help you discover the mystery of painting on water.


lesson`s duration - 1 hour


Age of participants - For adults and children over 6 years of age


Numbers of participants - The group consists of up to 8 people

Important information

During the master-class each participant can make two pictures on water that are to be transferred on paper. The paintings are dried with a hair-dryer and you may take them home right away.

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