Vytynanka (the art of decorative paper-cutting)


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The Lihtaryk Art Studio is glad to invite you for an unusual master class dedicated to creating Vytynanka paper décor. Vytynanka is a kind of ornamental art, the specificity of which is creating an image by cutting (carving) shapes and patterns out of paper. In our work we use coloured pastel paper and knives for carving and only with the help of those during our class we will be able to create true miracles out of paper.

The Vytynanka art is popular in many regions of the world. In each country it has its own character and carries the culture of its people. In Ukraine the exquisite paper cutouts served as elements of décor: lace paper napkins covered furniture, dough ornaments decorated the kitchen, intricate carved paper images adorned the walls.

In the modern world the goods manufactured with the use of carving and papercutting techniques attract people with its exclusivity. Not only will unique pictures, postcards and invitations delight your relatives and friends with delicate beauty but also better than any words they will show how much you care about them.

The Vytynanka art captivates with the process and astonishes with the result.  Exquisite ornaments, laced cutwork silhouettes, charming patterns and exciting topics – using Vytynanka techniques you will be able to incarnate any of your fantasies on paper.

How the Vytynanka master class is conducted

Our experienced master will help you acquire the techniques of the Vytynanka art. We will reveal to you the secrets of this handicraft and teach you all its intricacies. You will learn about the various kinds of Vytynanka ornaments and the traditions of this art.

The process of carving an image out of paper takes ultimate concentration, so during the master class you will plunge into the world of this delicate and exquisite art.

The master teacher will help your fantasy to be incarnated on paper and as a result you will create your own unique work of art.

Why this Vytynanka master class is useful:

  1. it develops manual dexterity;
  2. it boosts spatial intelligence;
  3. it nurtures a taste for art;
  4. it soothes, comforts and distracts from mundane reality.

Attending the Vytynanka master class in Kyiv will be interesting and useful both to children and adults. Young artists will be able to manifest their creative potential, boost their imagination and creative thinking to the full extent. Adults in their turn will be able to distract from everyday routine, get a taste of the meditative power of creativity and perhaps will acquire a new inspiring hobby.

By using the Vytynanka technique it is possible to make the whole range of artworks from pictures of delicate workmanship to postcards of incredible beauty. As a result of the master class you will create a unique ornament for your home or a wonderful gift for your nearest and dearest.



lesson`s duration - 2,5-3 hours


Age of participants - from 10 years


Numbers of participants - up to 8 people

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