Shopping with eco-bags

“Do you need a plastic bag?” – In our everyday life the annoyance level of this trivial inquiry has long overcome the indifferent standard question “How are you?” However, the main inconvenience is that as a rule you do need a bag. Unless of course you carry folded plastic bags carefully kept after your previous shopping. Even in case their rustle under your hand does not irritate you throughout the day, the polyethylene bags’ style is nowhere near truly aesthetic shopping, unlike a lovely hand-painted eco-bag. Besides, it is easy to make it yourself during a bag-painting master-class.

Why it is interesting

Painting eco-bags is not only a pleasant process full of artwork. It also facilitates personal growth because while making such a beautiful item with your own hands you launch the mechanisms of unlocking your creative potential.

An ornament, an inscription or a drawing painted on an eco-bag will turn an ordinary functional thing into an accessory emphasizing your identity and character.

Creative master-classes are conducted in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere which prompts the participants to generate and implement original ideas.

During the class you will get a great chance to try your hand at design and to become a true creativist, you will have an opportunity to invent a concept for your future eco-bag (for example, the one that will underline your civil position in environmental issues or will stand out due to a print that has a special symbolic meaning for you).

Advantages of eco-bags:

  • A harmonious combination “convenience + aesthetics”: in their essence eco bags are light, ergonomic and compact. Moreover, after painting they also become a true work of art.
  • Taking care of environmental protection as a catastrophic impact of polyethylene on environmental factors has long been well-known. Therefore, for some time now the eco-bag has become a certain marker of a conscious choice for the benefit of nature salvation.
  • The ease of decoration: upon selection of a drawing or an inscription some markings are made with a pencil on the fabric. According to them the bag is painted in the colour-range appealing to the future owner of the bag.
  • Simplicity of care as eco bags are usually to be cleaned in a washing machine in the delicate cycle.
  • Unfailingly stylish looks while shopping unlike the most buyers’ appearance with identical polyethylene bags.
  • Daily awareness of being a part of the community of non-indifferent people making efforts to improve the ecological situation and protect nature in various corners of the planet.
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