Painting with liquid acrylic paint

Have you ever tried painting an object deliberately placed in front of you but all your efforts would turn into something meaningless? Instead of a vase you would paint something resembling a double-bass and instead of a crane you would draw a kind of worm? After such debuts lots of people give up on painting for a long time and sometimes even for good. «Drawing and composition are all rather complicated for me, these are things you should thoroughly learn, not to mention the talent you ought to have, “ – that’s what you say with a sigh. However, it happens only because you haven’t taken a foray into the art of painting with liquid acrylic paint which for a good reason is called intuitive painting.

Sometimes it turns out that when you paint a certain surface you suddenly feel the urge to spread the paint chaotically, add a few other colours to it, mix it all and see the result. A familiar sensation, isn’t it? Scholars contend that these are intuitive motives to break stereotypes, move beyond and declare yourself as a creative mind and an artistic personality. A while ago this was the way eccentric Jackson Pollock “was running wild” – laying a canvas on the floor and chaotically splattering paints onto it. He was using a paint-dripping technique, which is why he got a nickname “Jack the Dripper”. Later on he became world-famous and his pictures are still being swept away at auctions at incredible prices. All this is because the artist was sincere in his creative work and trusted his intuition. Technique of creating canvases with the use of liquid acrylic paint helps you achieve a similar effect and at the same time spares you from the necessity to pour buckets of paint onto the canvas as Pollock once did.

Why it is interesting

At master-classes in painting with liquid acrylics there are no rules or narrow bounds within which you have to fit your creations — with this material the work runs smoothly, easily and spontaneously. Moreover, the very process of painting brings sheer pleasure from plunging into the depths of personal emotions and images brought to life by your fantasy.

Not only does this trend of art allow you to relax while performing creative work but it also lets you switch off the inner censor, explore the freedom of self-expression, become braver in implementation of your creative ideas.

A mysterious ocean, a freestyle abstract composition, a forest full of magic symbols, an enchanting cosmic landscape — with liquid acrylic paints you may depict whatever you want – even the other realms and parallel worlds. The result will indeed spellbind you.

Created during the master-classes in painting with liquid acrylics, your pictures will not leave a single critic indifferent: everyone will see there something peculiar, unparalleled and mysterious. Meanwhile, only the author will know which symbols are embodied in his or her unique work of art.

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