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In Ukrainian the word ‘fluid’ means ‘vibes’ and we hear it quite often, especially if it concerns somebody very attractive – the one who possesses a special kind of charisma and figuratively emits these very vibes. As a rule, people say that such people are endowed with certain magnetism. Perhaps it was not by chance that before the enlightenment epoch of the 18thcentury scientists explained the phenomenon of magnetism, warmth and electricity unknown at that time with activity of some fluid substances. What ancient people considered as magic is a mundane thing for us today. However, without wizarding skills people would get bored in no time. This explains the appearance of such trend as fluid art. This technique of painting with fluid acrylic paint gives even a budding artist an opportunity to create true masterpieces, so unpredictable and original the creations of fluid art are.

Why it is interesting:

  • The word ‘fluid’ has come to use from Latin and has a meaning “able to flow”. The core material for fluid art – liquid acrylic paint – possesses this very feature. It is due to its ability to flow and so to say the freedom-loving property of acrylic paints that masters are able to create paintings of incredible beauty, the pattern of which is impossible to replicate. So, no matter what you have painted, your creation will be unique and the only one in the world.
  • Appearing from time to time in front of our eyes, the abstract images can be embodied in a true work of art. All you need is to equip yourself with necessary materials and launch your imagination into free flight.
  • Fluid art will be especially appreciated by those living in a hectic rhythm of life working by schedule and forced to get into stressful situations or working in the atmosphere of permanent deadlines.

lesson`s duration - 1.5 h


Age of participants - For adults and children over 10 years of age


Numbers of participants - The group consists of up to 6 people

Important information

The picture remains in the studio to dry for 2 days. You may take it home within a week.

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