Painting for adults in Kyiv

How much are we sometimes eager to forget everything we have been fed up with, set aside endless mundane chores and arrange at least a few-hour-long rest for ourselves! This is the repose during which it is possible to focus only on pleasant tasks, for instance, on creating alternative space and time on the canvas. Have every confidence that in each of us lives an artist and waking up this inner creator is an easy task with the help of our master-class in Kyiv. While painting a picture you will be completely immersed in the process, otherwise you will hardly be able to achieve the right effect. Therefore, for three hours you will entirely plunge into the world of creativity!

Where should you go for a master-class in painting and what will you learn there?

When choosing a location for a pleasant and beneficial creative rest, it is important not to go astray and to find what you need. We offer you to experience a cosy atmosphere of the Lantern Art Studio in the very heart of Kyiv! Here not only will you be provided with materials for your creative works but will also be helped to master interesting painting techniques.

Painting for adults in Kyiv

One of the most innovative techniques is coffee-painting. Just imagine that with the help of this fragrant drink it is possible to create original paintings! Certainly, in this case the colour range will vary from light yellow to deep chocolate hues. Thus these colours will help you paint a stylish picture with a sepia effect.

Contemporary oil painting will be no less exciting! With the help of the studio experts you will manage to master the basics of this art and create a picture you will certainly be proud of – already at the first lesson.

How useful is painting?

Painting for adults in Kyiv

Psychologists have justified reasons to recommend finding time for a favourite creative activity by all means. As a matter of fact, working on a picture you gain several bonuses at once – restoring emotional balance, brimming with positive thoughts and feeling like a true creator!

A soothing atmosphere, a delicious coffee aroma, a company of soulmates and creativity, creativity, creativity… You will hardly notice how soon art master-classes for adults will become your favourite pastime! Moreover, the embodiment of new reality on canvas has such enchanting effect that it will make you forget all the troubles. So let yourself have a miraculous time creating your own artistic masterpiece!

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