Master-class in ceramics

In your house have you got an heirloom dinnerware set or some pieces of crockery that are especially dear and precious to you? Perhaps, there are bells of music-of-the-wind chimes or clay penny-whistles carefully keeping childish memories? So, how often does your heart warm when you look at these things? What if you can make such treasures yourselves to input a part of your wattage and energy into creation which will become memorable for your family? Even if you have never tried to model things from clay, a master-class in ceramics will become a trampoline for bringing your talents to light.

Pottery is one of the most ancient folk crafts in history. Long before the invention of the pottery wheel in the days of old, before Christ, the nomadic and agrarian tribes were making ceramic goods, the remains of which are now often found by archeologists. This craft was in such a high demand and so widespread was it that a few archeological cultures were named in its honour. Thus the Corded Ware Culture obtained its name due to the kind of patterns formed by the cord print in wet clay. In Ukraine pottery remains a topical and creative craft up to the present day.

Why it is interesting

Folk traditions of working with ceramics are highly interesting as in every region there were peculiar secrets for throwing pottery and decorating wares.

The process of modelling from clay helps people relax, distract from the problems of the external world and concentrate on art. By kneading clay, transforming it into the desired shape, perfecting the ware, not only do you learn the new skill but also attain the inner condition of tranquility, so hard to find these days.

Upon creating the required wares it is possible to order their firing, after which you get total freedom of imagination for further decoration: you may paint your ceramics as your fantasy tells you and as a result you get an original gift made with your own hands. Crockery, décor elements and toys – all these can be presented to nearest and dearest, colleagues and friends or you make keep it as a memento. These works will always remind you that it is possible to unlock your potential in most unexpected and unfamiliar spheres you have never tackled before.

Luxurious platters, exquisite cups, beautiful vases, bellied teapots, appetizing pots for baking various treats and delicacies, bright penny-whistles and dulcet bells – what won’t the master-class participants take home after the activities…

Ceramic crockery made with your own hands is not only a new household item in your home but also a powerful source of energy because you have created this ware for yourself with love.

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