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The modern world is getting more and more automatic. However, the deeper the standards and technologies penetrate into our lives, the more we lack live communication and the warmth of people’s hands in everything surrounding us. We offer you to plunge into a fantastic world of design for creating your own outfits.

Every day we have to take a huge number of decisions and make countless choices. Has shopping become a torture for you because the assortment is enormous but there is nothing that caters exactly for you? Draw what you need! Create your ideal image on paper.

The Lihtaryk Art Studio invites everyone who loves fashion, clothes, style and designer things to the Fashion illustration master-class. We will recreate the images from the famous designers’ shows. Together we will learn how to reproduce the textures of various fabrics. Sequins, lace, leather, fur may easily be recreated on paper due to the graphic techniques.

During the master-class we will use the applique, monotyping and watercolour techniques. The materials used for such work are watercolours, graphic markers, liners, pens, pastel chalks, drawing ink and pencils. By combining several techniques you will learn to create your own designer ideas on paper.

At this master-class we draw on watercolour paper of А4 format. For work we use watercolours, graphic markers, liners, pens, pastel chalks, drawing ink and pencils.


lesson`s duration - 1,5 hour


Age of participants - For adults and children over 10 years of age


Numbers of participants - The group consists of up to 8 people

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