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Learning painting in Kyiv is easy and extremely exciting. The Lihtaryk Art Studio is happy to invite you for a course that will help you discover the world of art. Even if the last time you were holding a brush was when you studied at school, our painting course will make you feel like a true artist.

A painting course by the Lihtaryk Art Studio comprises ten lessons. All the classes in Kyiv are individual, which means that the schedule is absolutely flexible and is adjusted to your interests and needs.

What you are going to learn during the oil-painting course

The painting course in Kyiv covers four main parts of the curriculum you may choose for yourself:

  1. Portrait.While taking a painting course in Kyiv you will master all the stages of constructing a portrait on canvas. We will teach you the main techniques of the world-famous portraitists. During the first five classes you will be learning the portrait basics, in the next three lessons you will be mastering dry-brush painting and in the last two classes you will be honing your works to the exhibition finish.
  2. Landscape.You will find out about the work secrets of prominent landscapists and master the Impressionist art technique in depicting spaces. During the ten classes in terms of the painting course in Kyiv you will be learning how to convey on canvas the various effects of light and iridescence of colours in nature.
  3. Still life. During the Lantern Art Studio’s painting course you will learn how to construct a composition, how to set a still-life, how to work with colours and shapes and above all, you will master the art of painting still-lives, so that they look alive. What’s more, you will get acquainted with the secret techniques of outstanding still-life masters, such as Paul Cezanne.
  4. Improvisation.This is the most creative option of the course. During these classes you will not have any obstacles for incarnating your fantasy on canvas. Our studio’s master experts will help you bring these improvisations to life. You will be able to play with ideas and plots, colours and techniques. Not only will this part of the painting course help you plunge into creative work but also you may get to know your inner world and sense clandestine emotions and desires.

During the painting course in Kyiv under the tactful guidance of our artists you will discover the miraculous world of composition and colour. The knowledge and skills acquired during our classes will be useful not only for painting and creativity but also will help in real life. After all, without feeling the composition it is impossible to make a good photo, while the sense of colour will be beneficial for renovating interior in your home.

A picture you will have created during your studies at the painting course in Kyiv may become a unique gift either for you or for your nearest and dearest, while the process of its creation will be wonderful art therapy that will free you from mundane fatigue and carry away to the world of fantasy and beauty.

Our course is designed for those who need more than just master classes in painting. The Lihtaryk Art Studio’s painting course will be useful for budding artists, students, schoolchildren, designers and everyone eager to study painting.


lesson`s duration - 2 hours


Age of participants - from 10 years


Numbers of participants - individual sessions

Cost information

4000 UAH for 10 lessons or 450 UAH per one lesson

Important information

The course is designed to comprise 10 classes. You may choose one of four parts of the curriculum: portrait, landscape, still life or improvisation.

The main painting material is oil paints. All the materials are provided by the Studio.

The classes are conducted individually, so you are going to get the ultimate necessary knowledge catered specifically for you.

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