Pysankarstvo (decorating Easter eggs with wax-resist method)


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Pysanka (a painted Easter egg) is one of the elements of the Easter sacral tradition. On occasion of this great holiday our art studio undergoes transformation: we lit candles, the artists swap their brushes for styluses and start working wonders. We are inviting you to join this sacral action during which you will have an opportunity to paint your own Easter egg, while the artists will tell you about the origin and symbolic meaning of pysankas.

Painting Easter eggs is interesting not only because this tradition has a long and interesting history. On top of everything else, it is an exciting multiple stage process. First you will be offered to choose a design you would like to depict and you will draw it on an egg with a pencil. Then you will emphasize some elements with hot wax by using a stylus. After you dip the egg in to a dye and continue your work, these elements will remain white. Then it will happen again with each new layer of dye. The painting process will be captivating for both adults and children, while the ready-made Easter egg will become either a marvelous present for a close friend or the most beautiful decoration of the festive banquet.


lesson`s duration - 1,5 hours


Age of participants - children 6 years old and adults


Numbers of participants - up to 8 people

Important information

The masterclass program resumes painting of a hollow egg with wax, style use sand special dyes for pysanka painting.

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