Painting with a palette or paiting knife

Contemporaries of great Rembrandt were joking that the portraits painted by him could be raised by the nose – so strong was the volume effect in the artist’s works. A lot of light spots on his portraits and self-portraits seem to come out of the rough surface of the canvas, creating an impression that the model is bound to talk to you at any moment. Fine art experts still argue about the mystery of the Rembrandt’s portraits’ spirituality.  It can’t only be down to the artist’s application of the impasto technique which presumes the visual effect of stereoscopic images.  Meanwhile, you have a chance to create your own picture with the volume effect trying your hand in working with a painting knife at the master-class.

Why it is interesting

Well, take your spatula and let’s go to create a masterpiece. «But we haven’t come here to do repairs, have we?”- will be your retort. Certainly, you haven’t. What we are going to do is a lot more interesting. An Italian name for a painting knife – an instrument for this painting technique – is “mestichino” which is translated as a “spatula”. Its variations differ with steel blades of various shapes set onto short thin handles. Trust us, practising painting with a spatula in your hand will make you look truly picturesque.

By pressing paint into canvas with this tool, spreading colour around at your own discretion, trying to emphasize the lines of various thickness, you will learn how to create pictures almost intuitively, which means that from the very first strokes you will give your inspiration carte blanche.

The painting knife allows experimenting with various styles of applying oil paints on the canvas which gives each person an opportunity to find his or her own particular style and make it recognizable.

After you have learnt to masterfully use a painting knife under the guidance of experienced tutors, you will be able to create canvases that somehow resemble 3D pictures. Whereas painting with a brush requires paying more attention to details, the pictures performed with a painting knife may be created in shortest terms – the impact of your work results will exceed all your expectations. Vibrant colours, bold texture strokes… In a way this “audacious” technology of their application always distinguishes the canvases created with a painting knife.

Contrary to the widespread erroneous opinion, the use of this technology makes it possible to paint more than just abstract style pictures: fascinating landscapes, «appetizing» still-lives, foliage, floral and animalistic patterns, the evening cityscapes, a rainy morning and a sunny day – all these genres are in the power of those who have already mastered the painting knife technique. However, creating portraits takes longer training. Who said that Rembrandt managed to become great Rembrandt just after one class?

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