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Do you wish to attend an interesting painting master-class in Kyiv but have no idea where to address? The Lihtaryk Art Studio invites you to a master-class in oil painting. Go for it, acquire a new experience, relieve stress, recharge with positive emotions and fill your soul with inspiration – paint pictures for yourself and make perfect presents for your nearest and dearest. By taking part in the master-class, not only will you get expert painting advice by the experienced artists but you will also have a wonderful chance to immerse into a pleasant creative atmosphere of an art studio. Not only are our masters able to teach you various painting techniques but also they manage to find approach to every participant of the master-class.

If you are worried that you haven’t laid your hands on brushes for ages or that you have never touched this wonderful instrument before, just come to the Lihtaryk Art Studio and make sure that after a three-hour class you will be able to create your own oil-painting.

Master-classes in oil painting in Kyiv

Choose any topic of the future masterpiece on canvas and start painting pictures! The master-class in oil painting in Kyiv from our art-studio will help you create true beauty.

Peculiarities of oil painting:

  • Oil paints let you easily correct the painting on canvas. Even novices get an opportunity to create amazing pictures.
  • You may paint smoothly or use the pastose technique applying thick layers of pigment to a canvas – it is up to you. Paintings in Impressionist style created by our guests are especially beautiful.
  • After attending a master-class in oil painting at the Lihtaryk Art Studio you will certainly want to return there again.

We invite you to have a wonderful time in an amiable and creative atmosphere!


lesson`s duration - 0.1 h


Age of participants - from 10 years


Numbers of participants - 1 person


How to get my item?

The picture remains in the studio to dry. It may be taken home about 3 weeks after the master-class. In the studio the paintings are kept for 3 months, upon expiry of which the pictures that remain untaken are given to charity.

Important information

We paint on the canvas sized 30 х 40 cm

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