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Not only will the apprenticeship course in pottery in the Lihtaryk Art Studio introduce you to clay and its properties but also it will become the closest form of your working with a pottery wheel. You will learn everything our masters know about clay – all the rules and precautions in working with this material but the main thing is that you will discover all enigmatic secrets of pottery craftsmanship magic.

During the classes you will be told and taught how to use the pottery instruments correctly, you will be shown the ways of wedging and kneading clay.Over ten workshops in terms of the course you will have covered the path of a master potter: you will learn to center clay on the wheel, to throw and narrow the walls, to create crockery with handles and spouts and ultimately to correctly prepare your products for firing in the kiln.

Cups and teapots, little bowls and cute vases, pots with lids, bells and candleholders – you will have a chance to make all of these with our experienced masters.

Thecourseisorganizedsothattheworkshopstakeplaceinyourconvenienttime, so you need not worry that you may miss a class. All the lessons are individual and have a 100% practical curriculum.

The course may be correlated according to your interests, while individual approach will give a chance to implement all your creative ideas.

Workshops 1-2

  1. Getting acquainted with the material: kinds of clay, ways of wedging and kneading clay, instruments necessary for working at a pottery wheel.
  2. Learning basic pottery skills – centering clay, forming the floor, straightening the walls and forming simple shapes.Producing a candle holder, a bowl, a goblet. Decorating with engobe and incising (drawing patterns on raw clay with a stylus).

Workshops 3-4

  1. Training to straighten, widen and narrowing walls – creating vases and pots.
  2. Studying the basics of carving in raw clay – producing candleholders and aromalamps.Kinds of decoration, methods of applying glaze-base textures and relief-moulding.

3.Manufacturing crockery with handles – cups and jugs. Ways of making handles and methods of attaching them.

Workshops 5-6

  1. Learning to trim the foot rings of pottery wares.

2.Producing flat wares – saucers and plates.

  1. Studying techniques of throwing pottery lids. Making a pot, a butter dish, a cheese platter with lids.

Workshops 7-8

1.Practicing in narrowing and stretching the walls – producing little vases with narrow necks and goblets.

  1. Producing bells and coins (miniature pots and bowls).
  2. Learning to throw as poutand to create pieces of crockery that consist of several parts – a teapot or a coffeepot (cezve).

Workshops 9-10

  1. Creating complex items with double walls.
  2. Throwing large oval, pear-shaped forms with narrow necks.
  3. Making large forms – fruit bowls with pedestal base, vases, etc.
  4. Preparing wares for firing.

lesson`s duration - 1 h


Age of participants - teenagers and adults


Numbers of participants - 1 person


How to get my item?

After the course all the goods undergo firing in the kiln, they can be collected.

Cost information

5000 UAH for the course

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